Cryptocurrency portfolio review: Blockfolio

First things first: Blockfolio is completely free. It is available for both iOS and Android users. Right now, there is no desktop version, but the developers have been working on one for a while.

Blockfolio Mobile App Review

Blockfolio has a clean, easy to use design. As for customisation: you can switch between day mode and night mode.

You can also change the colour of your main portfolio at the top.

This is the only customisation you can do within the app.

The app itself works fine. Back in 2017 the app had some issues with slow performance, but this seems to be a problem of the past. The app now loads fast and will switch between the different tabs with no problems.

Linking your Exchange Accounts

Blockfolio allows you to link your exchange accounts to the app. This way your transactions will by synced automatically. There’s a short list of exchanges available, but there is no limit to how many links you can make.

A cool feature that Blockfolio has is the ability to link your slack account. If you do this Blockfolio will send you signals and news to whatever channel you want.


You do not need to give Blockfolio any private information to use the app. As such, your private information is not at risk. Once you link exchange accounts this changes a little, but so far there have been no issues with Blockfolio.
Blockfolio states that they do not sell your individual information to third parties; however, they have stated that they might sell aggregated data to third parties for research purposes. In other words, your individual information is not for sale, but your data can be included in the general data that gets shared e.g. “2500 users bought BTC on 24 July”.

Portfolio and Watchlist

Even though Blockfolio is a portfolio app there is no separate tab for your portfolio. Instead, you’ll see it on your watchlist which is also the homepage. This cannot be changed.

At first glance, it is confusing to see how your portfolio is performing. You can’t see how your individual coins are performing. You might think that the price difference is how your coins are doing, but this is not the case. It shows you how that coin is performing for that day.

Instead, you tap the “Main portfolio” button, which will give you an overview of your overall portfolio performance.

If you want to see how your coins are doing, you have to go to the coin page of each coin and tap “profit/loss”. Depending on how many coins you have this can be quite bothersome.

cryptocurrency app review coin page

As mentioned earlier, you can connect your exchange accounts to Blockfolio. When you do this, your transactions will be added automatically. You can also add your transactions manually.

When doing so you will need to know what the price was when you bought your coins. Blockfolio does not update the price automatically. If you have a lot of transactions to add this can be quite a lengthy process.

As for the available coins and pairs: Blockfolio has thousands of coins available to add to your portfolio. This is the lergest slection of cryptocurrency we have seen on a portfolio app.


Blockfolio signals provide you with real-time updates directly from the developers of a coin. At the moment, 400 teams are on Blockfolio Signals. Note that this is not a signalling service for possible trades. This is merely a way to keep up with updates about certain coins.

cryptocurrency portfolio signal page


As a portfolio app, it’s odd that they don’t provide you with a better overview of your portfolio. Having to go to each coin individually just to see how it’s doing seems like a big oversight.

The fact that it’s free means Blockfolio remains one of the most used cryptocurrency portfolio apps. However, we feel it also limits what Blockfolio can do. There’s barely any customisation and prices don’t update automatically when you enter your transactions manually. The biggest advantage to Blockfolio is that it provides everything for free. And what it does provide, is technically enough.

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