Crypto Trading Analysis – BTC, LTC, ETH Bullish Trends Continuing! (2018-05-05)


In this week’s Crypto trading analysis, we take a look at BTC and its pushes up to the $9.7k level. Following the bullish push past the $9k resistance point, it is now acting as support in Bitcoin’s attempt at continuing the bullish run. There is strong resistance ahead at $10k which we are now looking at BTC to break. A similar move to the $9k break where the resistance becomes support would be a great situation which puts the $11.5k – $12k goal firmly in our sights. Keep checking your charts whenever you can – we are in some great trading territory at the moment!


This week we can actually see Ether moving in a stronger bullish push than BTC. Currently, Ether is trending quite nicely and is sat on top of resistance. If price can push a bit further and pull back, treating the resistance as support, we could enter into a long continuation. Keep a close eye on Ether’s movements over the next week, we have the potential for a great trade!


LTC is looking similar to BTC, but if price is able to break current resistance, we could see a similar story as Ether and BTC.


Ripple is still quite messy and not showing us any potential trades.

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