Crypto Trading Analysis – BTC Finally Showing Volatility! (2018-11-28)


A couple months of stability for cryptos has quickly come to an end this week with prices taking a dive across the board! BTCUSD is leading the pack as usual, with price pushing down strongly and finding support on the larger time frames. There is a reversal trade here but don’t worry if you missed it. There are opportunities on more than one time frame.

On the 4 hour you will see that a range could be forming which could give some great trades over the coming days. This will help you get an idea of how price could react in the short term so definitely keep an eye on multiple time frames. Check the analysis for details on different scenarios that could play out.


Correlated with BTCUSD (no surprise) so keep an eye on this pair and approach it similar to BTC. The range is not as clear as BTC but if you drop to the 1 hour time frame it is clearer.


Price is stalling out on support with potential to push up. The range is not quite broken on this pair but be patient if you want to jump in. The setups with LTC are not a clearer as ETH and BTC.

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