Cryptocurrency Portfolio Review: Delta [2019 update]

If you’re dabbling in cryptocurrency trading, you might also have invested in cryptocurrencies.

Just like with any investment, you need to keep track of your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Delta is the perfect app for this! It started out as a mobile app but is now also available on desktop. The mobile app is available on iOS and Android.

Some of the features are available for free, whilst others are locked behind a paywall.

In this review, we’ll be covering the Delta mobile app for Android.

Delta PRO

First, let’s quickly go over the features that are included in Delta PRO :

  • 5 portfolios instead of 2.
  • Portfolio analytics
  • Real time prices
  • Unlimited connections (exchanges and wallets).
  • Sync up to 5 different devices.
  • Night mode.
  • Early access to new additions.

The price for Delta PRO is currently set at an ‘Early Backer’ price. Anyone who signs up now with this ‘Early Backer’ price will have their price locked in.

Delta plans to increase the price once they add more features to the PRO subscription.

On iOS, the current price for Delta PRO is $6.99 monthly or $60 to $70 annually (depending on your country).

Whereas on Android, the current price for Delta PRO is $8.49 monthly or $70 to $80 annually (depending on your country).

Delta pro is available as a monthly or annual subscription, but right now the only option available for UK users (based on personal experience) is the annual subscription. Their help page also states that there is a monthly subscription available, but it is nowhere to be found on the Android app in the UK.

Cryptocurrency portfolio app subscription annual subscription

As you can see from the screenshot above, you can get a 7-day trial. After that ends it will automatically sign you up for the annual subscription. Even after you finish the trial, there is no option for a monthly sub.

As you will be able to see from the screenshots in this article, Delta does advertise its PRO version quite heavily. We have not found this to be intrusive though.

Delta Mobile App Review

Delta’s mobile app for Android has a clean and simple design. There’s a light theme, dark theme and night (OLED) mode.

Portfolio app screenshot light mode coins cryptocurrency Delta cryptocurrency portfolio page app review
Note: this portfolio is fake. We created the portfolio used in the screenshots for this review.

The night mode is only available in the PRO version. Aside from the theme colours, there is a lot of customisation available!

You can choose between a list view or card view, you can change your landing pages for when you open the app as well as for the watch list section, you can get coloured coin icons, you can even choose a minimised layout!

Those are only a few of the options available so definitely go through and adjust things to your liking.

So far, the night mode is the only customisable feature that is exclusive to the PRO version.

Delta is an easy app to use and whilst there were some performance issues in June/July 2018, we haven’t noticed any performance issues since.

As of the 1.15 update, you can use the app in landscape mode when looking at graphs.

Adding transactions can be done by simply tapping the big plus icon on the portfolio page.

You can add all of your transactions manually or you can link your exchange account.

Adding the transactions manually can be a bit bothersome, but there isn’t really a way to make this process faster.

If you want accurate information to be displayed you will have to accurately enter all the information.

Linking your Exchange Accounts

When you link your exchange accounts Delta will add all the transactions automatically. In the free version you will only be able to link two exchange accounts.

If you have multiple, you are either going to have to add all the other transactions manually or get the PRO version.

Once you’ve connected your accounts you do need to double check that your portfolio balance is correct!

The Delta dev team is continuously working on adding more exchanges to the list. So if your exchange isn’t available, don’t worry! It might be coming in the future!


Of course, having an app connect to your exchanges brings some security concerns with it.

Right now, it only reads the data.

This means you are not be able to buy cryptocurrencies through Delta. It only reads the transactions you have already made.

They had an issue where a test portfolio suddenly showed up on users’ portfolio page. Overall, this isn’t the worst thing in the world to happen, but it does bring forth some questions about how the devs are testing things.

If Delta was being used to actually buy and sell cryptocurrency a mess up like this could have been a lot more disastrous!

Aside from this one incident, there doesn’t seem to be any issues with security that would raise a red flag.

Available Cryptocurrency Coins

As for the coins, Delta has pages for the main coins, altcoins and a host of ICO’s.

We say pages, because you can tap on every single one of them and view an individual page about the coin!

You can see the coin’s price history, market cap, rank, its high and low of the past 24hrs, etc.

Alerts can be set for the coins and you can add them to your watch list. If you can think of a coin, Delta probably has it!


Of course, you can’t have a cryptocurrency portfolio app without an actual portfolio page!

Delta cryptocurrency portfolio page app review

The portfolio page offers you a lot of great information at a glance.

You can see how much your total portfolio has grown or shrunk, as well as see how your individual investments are performing.

The timeframe can be changed between all time, 1 week, 1 day or 1 hour. You also have the option to see your growth as a percentage.

The portfolio page also allows you to add fiat currencies.

If you have a set amount of fiat set aside to invest in crypto’s, this will allow you to quickly see how much of your investment capital you have invested so far.

You add this the same way you would add a cryptocoin.

Simply look for your desired fiat currency in the list and add a transaction! Once you’ve done that, you can deduct your coin transactions from your fiat currencies.

Another cool feature with Delta is the ability to generate a private link to your portfolio.

You can send this link to anyone you want and they’ll be able to see your portfolio! Only those with access to the link will be able to see your portfolio, hence it being called a private link.

The coolest thing about this? The link is in real time! You only need to share your link once. Your portfolio will be updated automatically!

Watch list

Then there’s the watch list. The default watch list has the main coins on it, but it can be totally customised!

You can add and delete coins to your own liking. The watch list can be sorted in a bunch of different ways: alphabetical, biggest market cap, highest price, lowest price, etc.

You can also switch to the markets list and have an overview of all the coins.

Delta Direct

Delta Direct was a new feature introduced in the 1.14 update. It’s a service that connects token teams with existing and potential investors. This allows the teams to bring updates directly to the people without having to rely on third parties and their potential bias.

Delta Direct is integrated into the app and doesn’t require any sign up from your part. It’s also part of the free app. If a coin isn’t available on Delta Direct, you can send in a request to let the teams know you are interested. Right now, over 500 teams are on Delta direct.

request team delta direct bitcoin cryptocurrency portfolio app review cryptocurrency portfolio review app delta litecoin news

Delta Direct has proven to be a very succesful feature. The list of teams using it keeps growing with every update!


We at really like Delta! In our opinion Delta has a great design, is easy to use and has great functionalities. With the inclusion of Delta Direct, Delta has become so much more than just a cryptocurrency portfolio app. Whilst this was a review for the mobile app only, we love that we can also check things with the desktop app.

There are so many features within Delta, it is impossible to talk about all of them. The devs are continuously adding more features, fixing bus and tweaking the UI. You can keep up to date with all the updates by following Nicolas Van Hoorde on Medium.
If you’ve invested in cryptocurrencies we recommend you use Delta to manage your portfolio and keep up to date with your coins! You can download Delta here!
What are your thoughts? Do you use a different portfolio app that you would like us to review? Let us know in the comments below!

We were not paid for this review. All opinions in this post are our own and honest thoughts!

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