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Recommended cryptocurrency crypto currency blog blogs bitcoin ether ethereum

In our free course we have talked about the importance of keeping up with news in the crypto market.

This also includes keeping up with cryptocurrency blogs!

We know there are a lot (like, seriously, a lot!) of blogs and websites out there that cover everything cryptocurrency related.

So, we’ve put together a list of cryptocurrency blogs that we recommend so you don’t have to sift through them all.

Let’s get to it!

Note: these do not include news sources such as Coindesk, Cointelegraph etc.

Coinbase Blog

You might be wondering why we’d recommend a cryptocurrency exchange’s blog.

Coinbase is one of the most well known cryptocurrency exchanges in the mainstream world. Most of their blog posts will relate to their own platform rather than cryptocurrency as a whole.

However, because they are so well known, it is likely to have an effect on cryptocurrency prices. If they decide to add a cryptocurrency or add a fiat currency, this can affect the market.

So, whilst they are not a cryptocurrency blog, they are definitely a blog to add to your list.

Winklevoss Blog

You might know the Winklevoss brothers from their legal issues with Mark Zuckerberg regarding Facebook. However, they have left social media behind and are instead focusing on entrepreneurship.

It is no secret that the Winklevoss twins have made it big in the cryptocurrency world. They have been involved in Bitcoin businesses since 2013 and in 2015 they started their own Bitcoin exchange: Gemini.

In March, they published a proposal for a self-regulatory organisation for cryptocurrencies. More recently, they filed to get a Bitcoin ETF. Even though this got rejected, it shows they are heavily involved in trying to make Bitcoin more easily tradable.

The Winklevoss twins are clearly trying to change things in the crypto market. Whilst most of their focus is on Bitcoin, this will affect other cryptocurrencies too.

This fact alone is enough of a reason to keep up with what they are doing.

Andreas Antonopoulos Blog

Andreas is quite literally a Bitcoin expert. His vast knowledge on Bitcoin and blockchain amazes us time and time again.

He has been an advocate for Bitcoin since the early stages, and spends most of his time educating people on the benefits of cryptocurrencies.

Andreas is the host on the ‘Let’s talk Bitcoin’ podcast. He is also a teaching fellow for the M. Sc. Digital Currencies at the University of Nicosia.

He is absolutely worth following for his knowledge and insight.

Money And State Blog

Money and state is Erik Voorhees’s cryptocurrency blog. You might have heard of him before!

He is CEO of and he is very knowledgeable about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general.

On his blog he posts mostly opinion pieces rather than technical explanations about cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately his last post dates back to June 2017. Nevertheless, we still think it is worth reading the posts he’s made.

He himself describes his blog as “being about the human struggle for the separation of money and state, and about Bitcoin as the instrument by which it will happen.”

Coin and Crypto

The Coin and Crypto blog is a cryptocurrency blog that posts articles about both the trading aspect of cryptocurrencies and the technology in general.

Coin and Crypto states they are a weekly publication, but unfortunately that is not the case. It seems they post once or twice a month, sometimes less. Nevertheless, their posts are short and worth reading!

Their technical articles are written in an easily understandable way, and their trading articles are full of tips and tricks you can apply to your trading right away.

The case studies they post are jam-packed full of information, so if you ever find yourself with 30 minutes spare go have a look at them!

Cryptos4noobs blog

We couldn’t make a list of cryptocurrency blogs without mentioning ourselves now, could we?

Whilst we do not have an exchange nor do we get as technical as Andreas does, we try to break down cryptocurrencies for those of you who do not wish to get technical.

On top of that, we mostly focus on the trading aspect of it all. In our blog, we try to mix the trading with the technology.

If you are someone who wants to trade cryptocurrencies, our blog (and our website in general) is a perfect fit for you.

Other quick mentions

We’d recommend you keep up with the main coin creators such as Charlie Lee, Vitalik Buterin, Roger Ver, etc.

If you use twitter, following them there will be the easiest way to keep up with them.

They might not have a regular blog, but as they are the creators of well known coins their actions and announcement will have a big impact on the market.

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the websites for the main coins.

However, the information that gets posted there is usually quite technical, as it will mainly cover the development of the coin and the technology behind it all.

As such, we feel that if you read crypto news regularly you won’t really need to worry about the main websites.

Usually, news articles will have combed through the information and provide you with a summary, listing the important details in an easily digestible way.

As it stands now, these cryptocurrency blogs are the ones we recommend you keep an eye on. Whilst they do not focus on trading cryptocurrencies, they are all informative and interesting reads!

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